Welcome to Bam! Pow! Comics and Collectibles. The best comic book shop around. We are reliable professionals that have been collecting for over 30 years. Comics are a labor of love and we strive to spread the love that comics bring to our customers. I mean C'mon! What feels better then holding that issue you have been looking for all month? That's right. Nothing! The search is what keeps us going. 

        Bam! Pow! Comics and Collectibles is currently an online comic book store. Mainly selling through our eBay page and Facebook, which you can find by clicking on the eBay page button or clinking on our Facebook page link. We are always running auctions and listing new products. Products which range from fill-ins to premiere key issue comics. We also offer our, if you can't find it, we will get it service. If there is a comic you want but can't seem to find just email us at BAMPOWCOMICS@GMAIL.COM . We will do better then our best to find the issues that you need. 

      Someday Bam Pow dreams of planning our own conventions. But for now you will mainly find us on eBay and Conventions around the 50 U.S. States.